Prime Obsession by gugu

Architects and visionaries Shelley Mokoena and Keneilwe Mothoa are the authors of the brand Prime Obsession. From humble beginnings selling frugality apparel on Instagram, this couple is taking the South African style scene by storm with their crisp moderate plans.


Propelled in 2014 because of their common plan interests, Prime Obsession immediately got the enthusiasm of the overall population and top distributions like Vogue, which thus got the attention of prominent universal brands, for example, Calvin Klein just as numerous neighborhood brands like Country Road and Woolworths.


These young ladies have exhibited their structures at Mercedes Fashion Week, South African Fashion Week and the 2018 Design Indaba Festival. They keep on picking up force both locally and globally and have opened their first store in Newtown Johannesburg, subsequently satisfying their fantasy about having the option to add to work creation for young people in South Africa.


With their organized monochrome tasteful, their strong and fascinating plans are changing the vibe of South African style. This is the thing that we call dark young lady enchantment.


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